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Spike visits Barshaw Park for the first time

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkWhile Spike has been serving 3 months solitary confinement for smuggling corona virus I decided to make him a walking jacket harness and take him outside on a leash, he cannot go out unsupervised because he has absolutely no road sense what so ever and the last time he was out got ran over.

Well he took to the leash quite well, starting off in the back garden within 10 minutes of first putting the jacket on and lately I have been taking him just up the street to a children’s play area. He wont walk up the street but now he has got used to the play area he walks quite nicely round there.


Visited Simba today, new photos available

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Simba - 6 Weeks OldTricia and I went to see Simba today so I took the opportunity to get some photos of him.

Simba is now 6 weeks old so he is getting very active to say the least LOL He was a little shy to start with but after a couple of minutes he was running around and getting into mischief like all good Bengal kittens should.

We were introduced to Simba’s half sister Georgie who is a lovely wee girl. Georgie and Simba’s dad is Champagne Charlie but they have different mums, but as Simba’s mum only had one kitten in her litter – Simba – Georgie was fostered by Simba’s mum to give Georgie’s mum a bit less work to do.


Spike has Feline Corona Virus

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Spike At The ParkPoor Spike has contracted feline corona virus :(

He almost certainly picked it up from Clawdius before Clawdius developed FIP, but Spike is a fit & healthy adult cat so the risk of him developing FIP are quite small.

When Clawdius was confirmed to have FIP I decided I needed to get Spike and Loula tested for corona virus because obviously I don’t want Toshi to end up getting infected – Kittens are at particular risk of CV mutating to the form which causes FIP and especially when they are stressed such as after being re-homed.

So I bundled them both into carriers and took a trip to the vet to get bloods taken. Loula wasn’t really that bothered about the procedure, although I felt a little uncomfortable seeing them having blood taken straight from the jugular :O


Arrived At Parents House For Christmas

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Snow Scene By Flash Light(s)I am here, arrived at my parents house about 4:45PM Friday.

The drive down from ScottyLand was fairly uneventful, apart from some crazy mutha white van man who decided he wanted to pass me as I was passing slow moving lorries in the other lane.

I was doing about 60, which I think was plenty fast enough anyway given that there was snow on the edges of the carriage way and it was below freezing out, the lorries were doing about 50. This retard in a white Merc van starts flashing his headlights at me from behind, there was no where for me to pull into the slower moving lane without cutting in dangerously close to a lorry so I just carried on (not that I would have changed lanes for a retard flashing headlights anyway)


I Clawdius

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Claudius The Mad 8Clawdius is my pal Tricia’s new mad cat!

She brought him round to my new flat to visit yesterday so I took the opportunity to fire off a few snaps of him before he gets past the cute kitten stage 😀

My two grumpy cats were not entirely impressed and spent most of the time sulking on the back of the couch or hissing & growling, unfortunately for them Claudius wasn’t put off by it and did his best to wind them up even more LOL


Paisley Xmas Lights Ceremony

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Paisley Xmas Lights Ceremony 2009 - 24Jingle bells, batman smells..

Yes its that time of year again (Bah Humbug) and Paisley has just had its annual lighting up ceremony which I went to have a butchers at.

I was determined that I was not going to get moved into a position where my photos had an ugly lamp post in the middle of them this time so I positioned myself well back where the crowd wouldn’t reach.. Or so I thought. I still ended up with a few ignorant ned types who thought its perfectly acceptable behaviour to just barge past kicking the tripod on route Grrrr


Renfrewshire – Paisley Annual Fireworks Display 2009

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Renfrewshire Fireworks Display 2009Remember remember the 5th of November..

Last night was bonfire night and I got dragged off to watch the Renfrewshire Annual Fireworks Display by my pals Linda & Tricia so I took my trusty D80 and tripod to capture the event in glorious technicolour digital bits.

The event included a roadshow by a local Radio station which featured some pretty awful sound system, get some bass in there ffs. There were a few rides etc for the kids and of course the main attraction was the fireworks display.

We arrived at the location nice and early to bag a good vantage point, stood there for over an hour camera and tripod ready (anger level 3/10), then the ‘organisers’ said the area had to be cleared for safety reasons, moved us on and erected barriers (anger level 6/10)


Macro Photography – Insect World Photos

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I found a neat little plugin for WordPress and just had to have a play with it :)

It allows me to stick a gallery of photos into this site direct from my Flickr account. It’s not that I can’t afford the bandwidth to host the pictures myself because I have near on unlimited storage and bandwidth but it’s a pain in the backside uploading photos everywhere. With this plugin I can just pull them from Flick without having to mess about.

Anyway, here it is, featuring my rather superb Insect world set from Flickr. The early ones (first 7) in the set were taken with the 18-55 kit lens and close up dioptres bolted on the front, the rest were taken with the superb Sigma 180mm macro.