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Thyme Machines Weekend Retreat 2012

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
Rogues Galley

The Rogues Gallery

I have just about recovered from the weekend retreat in Derby so thought I would just make a quick post about the event..

For those who do not know what on earth I am talking about it is a crafting/ digital cutting weekend organised by Dawn of Thyme Graphics and a fairly intensive 3 days of classes covering a wide range of techniques and projects to make using a Cougar or Silver bullet cutter.

The event was held at The Lawns Hotel in Derby and attended by.. let me count.. twenty of the crazy people who frequent the lovely chaotic mess that we call the Thyme Machines Forum


Creating Vinyl Weeding Lines In Inkscape – SCAL & MTC Users

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Example image showing detailed weeding lines

Detailed Weeding Lines Example

For those of you who use SCAL, and probably MTC as well, you may be aware that there is no built in weeding lines function.

Weeding lines make weeding vinyl very much easier as they allow you to remove the waste vinyl in smaller more manageable chunks and for large or very intricate vinyl designs is almost essential to save your sanity and project.

While there is no way as yet I have found to create detailed weeding lines in SCAL and I suspect MTC is the same, it is possible to create them quickly and easily in Inkscape. So saving the design as SVG you can easily create the weeding lines in iskscape and import the SVG back into your cutting software.

The process in inkscape is very quick and easy, only a couple of quick edits, so even the inkscapaphobes should be able to create weeding lines without too much of a headache.

You can download the PDF Tutorial which was created for the Thyme Machines Forum here..

Creating Vinyl Weeding Lines In Inkscape

3D Spider Model Cut File

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Photo of spider model

Spider Model

An example of one of the many things you can cut with a superb Phoenix Silver Bullet Pro or Cougar/ Lynx cutter.

This was cut from 1mm thick matboard in a single pass, force 110, speed 50mm/sec with a 60+ blade. It cut like a hot knife through butter, I was really very pleased indeed at how well it went.

The file is in SVG format so can be used by those with Inkscape/ Signcut and also imported and cut from SCAL which is now the default software given free with the machines. However you will need to do a tiny bit of editing before cutting, rather than make the file with slots already in it I have made the file so you can create the slots for whatever thickness of media you wish to cut it from.


Simpsons 3D card

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

It’s my pals grandsons 2nd birthday soon and she asked me to make a birthday card along a Simpsons theme.

I had already converted some Simpsons characters to cutting files so decided I would use those to make a 3D card with Bart jumping out of the TV. I don’t have any glossy photo card stiff enough to make the base card so I decided to print it on glossy paper and glue it to a thin card stock before cutting and that’s when the trouble began :(

Basically I create the card graphics and cut lines in Inkscape, the card is then printed with some registration marks, glued to the backing card and then fed into the cutter to cut it out. But when I cut it the cut lines were missing the picture by up to 2mm in places.


My first card commission

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

My pal Tricia asked me to make her a card for an engagement and I thought it turned out quite well so here it is :)

I wanted to make a 3D card of some description and eventually decided this book idea was the best. I have to admit the concept wasn’t mine, I stole the idea for a ‘Book’ card from Linda who is a fellow member of the Black Cat Forum. My design is completely different in that it is like a real book with pages and has been created completely from scratch by myself.

The card was cut with my Cougar cutter from several different sorts of card stock. The book cover was printed onto hammered card stock and jazzed up with glitter flourishes cut from silver glitter card. The pages of the book were cut from linen card stock and the verse etc printed on before cutting, the glitter border was again cut from silver glitter card.


I have a new cutter :)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

I have just taken delivery of a new cutter, the BlackCat Cougar, and its ab fab :)

I am getting to grips with the new software so it may be a while before I add any more cutting files but I will try to get some uploaded as quick as I can.

Check out the details of the new cutter on my Digital Craft Cutting page 😉

Another Flower Cutting File..

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Another flower cutting file for you.

I was suffering CR withdrawal symptoms here at my parents house so snapped a shot of an artificial flower and set about making a cut file for it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the RoboMaster software installed on the laptop, but I managed to find a download for it so I could make the GSD file as well as the usual Illustrator AI file.

This one is a 4 layer print & cut flower template. It’s a bit of a hybrid because the middle bit of the photo I took wasnt very flower like so I knicked the middle from a sunflower photo I found :)


Xmas Die Cuts

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Another quickie Craft Robo/ Wishblade cutting file for you.

The example picture looks a bit ‘muddy’ which was a consequence of enlarging to export the jpg and then reducing for the web site, when printed & cut they are much clearer/ sharper.

This one is for Christmas die cuts which you can use for cards, planners etc. I know its getting a tad late in the day for posting Christmas stuff, but I knocked them up for some cards I am doing and thought I would stick them online just in case anyone wanted them.

As with the other cutting files to date, the zip file has GSD files and the Illustrator AI file. I have also included RoboMaster GST template files so you can add them to the programs templates for quick access if you wish.


Quick Flower Cut File

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Flower-LPJust a quick flower cut file for all you crafters out there.

Zip file includes RoboMaster template file, RoboMaster GSD and Illustrator file to cut a flower.

The GSD and AI files have 3 different size flower shapes, just cut them, curl the petals with the back of a craft knife and glue the smaller ones inside the larger.

When curling the petals just curl the petal tips on the largest, about half the length of the petals on the middle size and curl the smallest right from the centre.


Pop Up Christmas Card

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Example1A Print & Cut Christmas card file for you.

This card has a dual layer Pop up/ Pop out insert in the middle and has a frame on the front suitable for a 4×6 inch photo or other artwork with jingle bells die cut decorations.

The ZIP contains the GSD file, an AI file and example photo featuring my cat in a hat :)