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Toshi and Spike Are Pals

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Spike & Toshi Cuddle TimeI was not expecting this so soon but it seems Spike has got over himself and accepted Toshi into the fold.

Spike no longer spits and growls if Toshi comes close to him, and Spike has actually started jumping up and sleeping next to Toshi. They have even had a couple of wrestling matches, they don’t last very long because Spike realises he is playing and then runs off spitting LOL

Anyway, I am pretty sure the play sessions will now get longer and the growling less often, it is great to see I have to say :)

I have also put together another video for you to check out, unfortunately the tube seems to have learned my little trick for confusing the copyright detection system and has flagged this video for containing copyright music so you may have the inconvenience of an advert popping up, I am working on another method for fooling the system so with a bit of luck future videos will be ad free again.


Toshi Video Uploaded

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

I have finished editing the first video of Toshi and uploaded it to youtube.

He is playing catch the toe in bed and playing fetch with his favourite toy – a rolled up ball of Loula’s fur LOL

I have also uploaded some more photos of the wee pest which you can check out below..


Toshi visits the waterfall

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Toshi visits Anchor FallsToshi has been really good walking on a leash so I decided to take him to the falls on the river White Cart to see his reaction.

The journey there was not uneventful, it was a really hot day and I passed a lot of offices on route where the doors were open to let some air in. Of course Toshi decided to run into each and every one of them! All the office workers left their desks to have a closer look and pet him, which of course made him more determined to get into the next open door LOL

As is becoming the normal everyone in the street also had to come over and see him close up, if I had a quid for every time I have heard ‘I have never seen such a gorgeous cat’ all my financial worries would be over.

When we got to the falls there were several guys fishing, they all had to pet him and ask about his breed etc, one guy in particular was really interested and I spent a good half hour chatting with him about cats & dogs and pedigree breeding issues.


Toshiaki Has Arrived

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Toshi - 27/06/2010Towanreef Prince Toshiaki (Toshi) arrived home on Friday 25th June 2010, waaahooo.

The journey back to Paisley from the other side of Aberdeen was a noisy one, Toshi was not at all happy about being confined to a carrier and constantly let us know. After about 30 minutes on the road we let him out of the carrier to see if that would settle him but it really made little difference.

We stopped off for a bite to eat 2/3 of the way home and let Toshi explore the car, he did settle a bit better after that but still regularly complained.


Spike gets a ‘Get out of jail free card’

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkI took Spike and Loula to the vet on Wednesday to have another Corona Virus serum test done. I had both tested despite Loula being negative at the first test just in case she contracted the virus in the week or so before having them tested.

I got the results on Friday and it was great news, both of them are now sero negative with a Corona Titre of zero, needless to say I had the bedroom door open and Spike back into the living room before the vet even finished speaking.