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Creating Vinyl Weeding Lines In Inkscape – SCAL & MTC Users

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
Example image showing detailed weeding lines

Detailed Weeding Lines Example

For those of you who use SCAL, and probably MTC as well, you may be aware that there is no built in weeding lines function.

Weeding lines make weeding vinyl very much easier as they allow you to remove the waste vinyl in smaller more manageable chunks and for large or very intricate vinyl designs is almost essential to save your sanity and project.

While there is no way as yet I have found to create detailed weeding lines in SCAL and I suspect MTC is the same, it is possible to create them quickly and easily in Inkscape. So saving the design as SVG you can easily create the weeding lines in iskscape and import the SVG back into your cutting software.

The process in inkscape is very quick and easy, only a couple of quick edits, so even the inkscapaphobes should be able to create weeding lines without too much of a headache.

You can download the PDF Tutorial which was created for the Thyme Machines Forum here..

Creating Vinyl Weeding Lines In Inkscape