3D Spider Model Cut File

July 10th, 2012 by Louise
Photo of spider model

Spider Model

An example of one of the many things you can cut with a superb Phoenix Silver Bullet Pro or Cougar/ Lynx cutter.

This was cut from 1mm thick matboard in a single pass, force 110, speed 50mm/sec with a 60+ blade. It cut like a hot knife through butter, I was really very pleased indeed at how well it went.

The file is in SVG format so can be used by those with Inkscape/ Signcut and also imported and cut from SCAL which is now the default software given free with the machines. However you will need to do a tiny bit of editing before cutting, rather than make the file with slots already in it I have made the file so you can create the slots for whatever thickness of media you wish to cut it from.

If you wish to resize the file then make sure that the contents are grouped BEFORE you do so otherwise the slots will not be in the correct place! The file as it is is for A3 size card and gives a model 220 x220 x 85mm.

Photo of spider model

Spider Model

If you are using Inkscape then follow these instructions to adjust the slot sizes..

Open the file in inkscape, you will find two objects – The model parts with a red fill and the slot lines which are a light blue stroke.

Select the slot lines object, open the fill and stroke dialogue (Object->Fill and Stroke), set the stroke width to slightly less than the thickness of the media you are going to cut it from. I was cutting from 1mm matboard so set it to 0.8mm.

Now use Path->Stroke to Path, select both objects and use Path->Difference.

The file is now ready to cut.

If you are using SCAL then follow these instructions..

Open SCAL, import the SVG and ungroup.

Select the slot lines object and in the properties panel on the right change the style to shadow.

Adjust the shadow size to give the slot size you require (set it to half the width of the slot you want)

Select both the filled shapes object and the now shadowed object and use Path->Back minus Front.

The file is now ready to cut.

You can download the SVG by right clicking the following link and select save target as/ save link as from the menu.

Spider Model

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