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3D Spider Model Cut File

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Photo of spider model

Spider Model

An example of one of the many things you can cut with a superb Phoenix Silver Bullet Pro or Cougar/ Lynx cutter.

This was cut from 1mm thick matboard in a single pass, force 110, speed 50mm/sec with a 60+ blade. It cut like a hot knife through butter, I was really very pleased indeed at how well it went.

The file is in SVG format so can be used by those with Inkscape/ Signcut and also imported and cut from SCAL which is now the default software given free with the machines. However you will need to do a tiny bit of editing before cutting, rather than make the file with slots already in it I have made the file so you can create the slots for whatever thickness of media you wish to cut it from.