Toshi visits the waterfall

July 2nd, 2010 by Louise

Toshi visits Anchor FallsToshi has been really good walking on a leash so I decided to take him to the falls on the river White Cart to see his reaction.

The journey there was not uneventful, it was a really hot day and I passed a lot of offices on route where the doors were open to let some air in. Of course Toshi decided to run into each and every one of them! All the office workers left their desks to have a closer look and pet him, which of course made him more determined to get into the next open door LOL

As is becoming the normal everyone in the street also had to come over and see him close up, if I had a quid for every time I have heard ‘I have never seen such a gorgeous cat’ all my financial worries would be over.

When we got to the falls there were several guys fishing, they all had to pet him and ask about his breed etc, one guy in particular was really interested and I spent a good half hour chatting with him about cats & dogs and pedigree breeding issues.

Toshi visits Anchor FallsToshi was not very keen on the noise of the main fall but was drawn to a smaller trickle, he paddled through a dirty rock pool to have a closer look and then came back and jumped on my knee – I had to walk around looking like I had peed myself for half an hour.

I then took him to the Abbey for a walk round and a young lad came over to chat about him and cats in general, it turned out he lived in the next street to me so we walked back together with Toshi following behind.

When I got back in the house Toshi jumped straight on the bed and went to sleep for 3 hours, I guess it was a long walk for his little legs :)

Here is another slideshow of photos, some of Toshi in the playground and some of him turning the living room into a bomb site 😉

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