Toshiaki Has Arrived

June 30th, 2010 by Louise

Toshi - 27/06/2010Towanreef Prince Toshiaki (Toshi) arrived home on Friday 25th June 2010, waaahooo.

The journey back to Paisley from the other side of Aberdeen was a noisy one, Toshi was not at all happy about being confined to a carrier and constantly let us know. After about 30 minutes on the road we let him out of the carrier to see if that would settle him but it really made little difference.

We stopped off for a bite to eat 2/3 of the way home and let Toshi explore the car, he did settle a bit better after that but still regularly complained.

When we finally arrived home Toshi was put in the bedroom alone, he bounced round the bedroom a few times and sniffed everything then started clawing at the door attempting to get out. Loula was also clawing at the outside of the door and the two of them were pawing at each other under the door.

Toshi - 27/06/2010I had Toshi booked in at the vets for a health check on the Saturday, and kept Toshi isolated until he had his checkup.

The journey to the vets was pretty much the same as the journey home, constant complaints, but at least it is only a 10 minute drive rather than 4 hours LOL

The complaints continued in the waiting room so I took him out of the carrier and instead of constant meowing he left a 5 second gap between them.

The vet examined him and gave him a clean bill of health saying that it was clear that Tracey at Towanreef Bengals had done everything right because he was in absolutely superb condition, that was really great to hear – not that I felt in any way uncertain about Tracey and her care of her cats.

So back to the house we went and I decided to let Toshi introduce himself to Spike & Loula.

As expected Spike was less than happy about having an obnoxious kitten running about and made the fact perfectly clear right from the start with a host of spitting and growling, also as expected Toshi took the warnings on board and turned his attention to Loula. Loula is more prone to running away from a situation and bolted into the playground and hid on the high shelves, not that this tactic was much good because within minutes Toshi was up there as well LOL

Toshi - 27/06/2010Within a few days Loula was no longer running and hiding when Toshi pounced but Toshi plays very rough and Loula would soon get fed up with it and bolt. Meanwhile Spike’s warning were getting less frequent but he still would not tolerate Toshi getting close enough to make contact.

I bought a kitten harness for Toshi, my jackets are not as adjustable as a webbing harness so until his growth rate slows down I will use a harness, and started fitting it to get him ready for leash training. He took to the harness really quickly so I tried attaching the leash and it did not phase him at all so I decided to test the waters by taking him in the back garden. There were a few panic attacks with him bolting but within 20 minutes he was walking round the garden really nicely.

Toshi - 27/06/2010The next day I took him out in the street, he was a little skittish at first but after a few minutes he was walking along the footpath as good as a dog. We went up the the children’s play area and he enjoyed running about on the grass chasing flies until he noticed the local tabby cat lurking in the hedge bottom, he then just tried to get at the Tabby spitting and growling like a cat 5 times his size LOL I had to pick him up and carry him out of the park and he then happily trotted along at my side back to the house.

So all in all Things are looking very good, in a few short days he has settled into the house very well, he has got Loula playing with him for short periods, Spike is starting to accept him and as yet I still have intact furniture and house 😉

There will be more updates on the life of Toshi soon, until then here is a slideshow of photos  for you (click the full screen icon bottom right)..

2 Responses to “Toshiaki Has Arrived”

  1. Tracey Banks says:

    Hello Louise

    How is things with Toshi? Didnt know you had this page up. I have started my own web site now. Have a look and love to see some photos of Toshi if you have time.


    • Louise says:

      Hia Tracey,

      Did I not send you a link? my memory is like a sieve!

      All the best photos of Toshi go on my Flickr Collection although I have not taken that many lately, I have been busy with one thing or another and just haven’t had much time for photography.

      He is doing great though, an absolute pest still, but a lovable rogue LOL

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