Spike visits Barshaw Park for the first time

June 12th, 2010 by Louise

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkWhile Spike has been serving 3 months solitary confinement for smuggling corona virus I decided to make him a walking jacket harness and take him outside on a leash, he cannot go out unsupervised because he has absolutely no road sense what so ever and the last time he was out got ran over.

Well he took to the leash quite well, starting off in the back garden within 10 minutes of first putting the jacket on and lately I have been taking him just up the street to a children’s play area. He wont walk up the street but now he has got used to the play area he walks quite nicely round there.

Today I thought I would take things a step further by taking him to Barshaw Park where there are lots more people wondering about and also dogs running around not on leashes.

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkRather than carry him all the way there I took him in the car, I didn’t bother with a carrier I just put his leash on and bundled him onto the front seat. He was perfectly happy with this and just stood up looking out of the window, normally in a carrier he cries and usually poops so I was quite pleased he was happy just on his leash lol.

We got to Barshaw park and I got out of the car, Spike hopped out and made a bee line for the hedge bottom where he laid down and refused to move. After about 5 minutes I ran out of patience and gave a gentle tug on the leash and called him and he got up and started walking.

I took him in the walled garden to start with thinking the quiet would let him get his confidence up but he just hid among the flowers and refused to walk, so I took him into the lightly wooded area and to my surprise he walked along at the side of me like a well trained dog.

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkHe wasn’t keen on walking on the pathways in the park, but was very happy to walk along the edge of the shrub areas and across the grass. To start with he froze when he saw anyone else anywhere near but quickly realised that people were not a threat and then he just ignored them altogether.

After about an hour in the park the inevitable happened and a dog bolted toward us after spotting Spike, I expected Spike to panic so hit the lock button on the extending leash ready but Spike stood his ground and did the “I’m a big cat” thing with a rather impressive hiss and growl. The dog stopped in his tracks and took a wide detour round us, yes that’s right dog don’t mess with the cat from hell lol

I am really pleased with how well it went today, I will definitely take him to more places and see how we get on now :)

Here is a slide show with the rest of the photos I took..

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