Spike gets a ‘Get out of jail free card’

June 11th, 2010 by Louise

Spike's first visit to Barshaw ParkI took Spike and Loula to the vet on Wednesday to have another Corona Virus serum test done. I had both tested despite Loula being negative at the first test just in case she contracted the virus in the week or so before having them tested.

I got the results on Friday and it was great news, both of them are now sero negative with a Corona Titre of zero, needless to say I had the bedroom door open and Spike back into the living room before the vet even finished speaking.

I am absolutely over the moon, I collect my new Bengal baby Toshi in 2 weeks and now I know that there is absolutely no risk of him getting infected with Corona virus from Spike.

I have decided not to have Toshi tested for Corona virus, the major risk is the kitten getting infected not my adult moggies, given that Spike has definitely been exposed & dealt with the virus and there is an above average chance that Loula was exposed also I think the small risk of them getting infected if Toshi is CV positive is an acceptable one.

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