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Video of Simba & Georgie now available

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I have finished editing the video shot when Tricia and I went to see Simba the other day, check it out below :)

Visited Simba today, new photos available

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Simba - 6 Weeks OldTricia and I went to see Simba today so I took the opportunity to get some photos of him.

Simba is now 6 weeks old so he is getting very active to say the least LOL He was a little shy to start with but after a couple of minutes he was running around and getting into mischief like all good Bengal kittens should.

We were introduced to Simba’s half sister Georgie who is a lovely wee girl. Georgie and Simba’s dad is Champagne Charlie but they have different mums, but as Simba’s mum only had one kitten in her litter – Simba – Georgie was fostered by Simba’s mum to give Georgie’s mum a bit less work to do.


Spike has Feline Corona Virus

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Spike At The ParkPoor Spike has contracted feline corona virus :(

He almost certainly picked it up from Clawdius before Clawdius developed FIP, but Spike is a fit & healthy adult cat so the risk of him developing FIP are quite small.

When Clawdius was confirmed to have FIP I decided I needed to get Spike and Loula tested for corona virus because obviously I don’t want Toshi to end up getting infected – Kittens are at particular risk of CV mutating to the form which causes FIP and especially when they are stressed such as after being re-homed.

So I bundled them both into carriers and took a trip to the vet to get bloods taken. Loula wasn’t really that bothered about the procedure, although I felt a little uncomfortable seeing them having blood taken straight from the jugular :O


Another new arrival due early June 2010..

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Well it has been a busy time, if you have been keeping up to date you should know about Toshi arriving in a few weeks but he will not be the only one..

Tricia has also decided to get a Bengal furkid, although it was not nearly as straight forward a decision as mine, there are strange and wonderful things happening and this is a prime example..

You should be aware that Tricia is my pal who was owned by Clawdius, and the sad story of how Clawdius lost the battle against FIP. If not, then go and read the other posts which deal with that then come back to this one 😉