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Simpsons 3D card

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

It’s my pals grandsons 2nd birthday soon and she asked me to make a birthday card along a Simpsons theme.

I had already converted some Simpsons characters to cutting files so decided I would use those to make a 3D card with Bart jumping out of the TV. I don’t have any glossy photo card stiff enough to make the base card so I decided to print it on glossy paper and glue it to a thin card stock before cutting and that’s when the trouble began :(

Basically I create the card graphics and cut lines in Inkscape, the card is then printed with some registration marks, glued to the backing card and then fed into the cutter to cut it out. But when I cut it the cut lines were missing the picture by up to 2mm in places.


My first card commission

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

My pal Tricia asked me to make her a card for an engagement and I thought it turned out quite well so here it is :)

I wanted to make a 3D card of some description and eventually decided this book idea was the best. I have to admit the concept wasn’t mine, I stole the idea for a ‘Book’ card from Linda who is a fellow member of the Black Cat Forum. My design is completely different in that it is like a real book with pages and has been created completely from scratch by myself.

The card was cut with my Cougar cutter from several different sorts of card stock. The book cover was printed onto hammered card stock and jazzed up with glitter flourishes cut from silver glitter card. The pages of the book were cut from linen card stock and the verse etc printed on before cutting, the glitter border was again cut from silver glitter card.