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Another Flower Cutting File..

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Another flower cutting file for you.

I was suffering CR withdrawal symptoms here at my parents house so snapped a shot of an artificial flower and set about making a cut file for it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the RoboMaster software installed on the laptop, but I managed to find a download for it so I could make the GSD file as well as the usual Illustrator AI file.

This one is a 4 layer print & cut flower template. It’s a bit of a hybrid because the middle bit of the photo I took wasnt very flower like so I knicked the middle from a sunflower photo I found :)


Arrived At Parents House For Christmas

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Snow Scene By Flash Light(s)I am here, arrived at my parents house about 4:45PM Friday.

The drive down from ScottyLand was fairly uneventful, apart from some crazy mutha white van man who decided he wanted to pass me as I was passing slow moving lorries in the other lane.

I was doing about 60, which I think was plenty fast enough anyway given that there was snow on the edges of the carriage way and it was below freezing out, the lorries were doing about 50. This retard in a white Merc van starts flashing his headlights at me from behind, there was no where for me to pull into the slower moving lane without cutting in dangerously close to a lorry so I just carried on (not that I would have changed lanes for a retard flashing headlights anyway)


Xmas Die Cuts

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Another quickie Craft Robo/ Wishblade cutting file for you.

The example picture looks a bit ‘muddy’ which was a consequence of enlarging to export the jpg and then reducing for the web site, when printed & cut they are much clearer/ sharper.

This one is for Christmas die cuts which you can use for cards, planners etc. I know its getting a tad late in the day for posting Christmas stuff, but I knocked them up for some cards I am doing and thought I would stick them online just in case anyone wanted them.

As with the other cutting files to date, the zip file has GSD files and the Illustrator AI file. I have also included RoboMaster GST template files so you can add them to the programs templates for quick access if you wish.


Quick Flower Cut File

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Flower-LPJust a quick flower cut file for all you crafters out there.

Zip file includes RoboMaster template file, RoboMaster GSD and Illustrator file to cut a flower.

The GSD and AI files have 3 different size flower shapes, just cut them, curl the petals with the back of a craft knife and glue the smaller ones inside the larger.

When curling the petals just curl the petal tips on the largest, about half the length of the petals on the middle size and curl the smallest right from the centre.


Pop Up Christmas Card

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Example1A Print & Cut Christmas card file for you.

This card has a dual layer Pop up/ Pop out insert in the middle and has a frame on the front suitable for a 4×6 inch photo or other artwork with jingle bells die cut decorations.

The ZIP contains the GSD file, an AI file and example photo featuring my cat in a hat :)


I Clawdius

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Claudius The Mad 8Clawdius is my pal Tricia’s new mad cat!

She brought him round to my new flat to visit yesterday so I took the opportunity to fire off a few snaps of him before he gets past the cute kitten stage 😀

My two grumpy cats were not entirely impressed and spent most of the time sulking on the back of the couch or hissing & growling, unfortunately for them Claudius wasn’t put off by it and did his best to wind them up even more LOL


New subject coming soon

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

I will be adding a new subject to my blogy thing soon.

My latest toy is a Craft Robo vinyl/ card cutter so I am going to include cutting files and the like on here once I get things organised.

I have been playing about with it for a while and I am starting to get to grips with it, I made a nice nameplate thing for the front door with a cat silhouette border and I am working on Christmas cards now so those of you who know me will probably get crappy home made cards from me – Still that’s better than none at all which is the alternative LOL

I’m All moved in now :)

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Yes at last I am in my new flat!

I have re-built the water damaged bay window, and as I suspected the moggies love the new cat friendly wide sills. Spike practically lives on there now watching the world go by.

I have also had the place carpeted with a nice black cat unfriendly light colour carpet, that made a hell of a difference I can tell you :)

The shitty electric token meter has been removed at last, can’t get the gas token meter out for a month though because its from a different supplier so I have to wait till the service has been transferred to my supplier Grrrr On the plus side, I have downgraded my internet connection to a 10mbit connection but now get land line telephone and basic digital TV package included for 12 quid a month less than I was paying for just internet.